America is an ageing country. Unlike a few decades ago, the fastest growing segment of the American population consists of those over seventy years of age. As the 'Baby Boom' segment of our population ages, and advances in medical care prolong life expectancies, the graying of America will accelerate. This significant and growing segment of American society presents increasing and challenging problems related to housing, health care, financial security, familial relationships, recreational activities, educational programs, and job opportunities for seniors. To deal with such challenges, our nation has often turned to the government--especially the federal government--to solve the problems of older Americans. But government solutions neither keep pace with these needs, nor do they adapt to emerging sociological norms. In fact, such solutions have been inefficient and overly expensive.

The 60 Plus Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)* non-partisan educational organization formed to identify these problems and needs, and to seek alternative solutions developed through the private sector, financed through the free enterprise system, which enhance the quality of life, dignity, and security of American senior citizens. The Foundation brings together segments of the public, representatives of civic institutions, leaders in private enterprise, and specialists in educational disciplines to restore the vigor, intentions and beliefs of our founding fathers, as those intentions and beliefs relate to senior issues. We work to rekindle a nation and a culture that assists, supports, and provides opportunities to its senior citizens, while respecting the Constitutional right of every citizen to live in dignity and thrive in a democratic society, free from government reliance.

Director and President: James L Martin
Director and Treasurer: Manuel 'Manny' Rosales
Director and Secretary: Robert E. Coakley
Other Members of the Board of Directors:
Tim Hyde
John Dunagan
William Fay
Matt Schlapp
Del Wilson
Ron Warren
Ken Lynch
Executive Director for the Foundation: Regina Siler Truslow

*The 60 Plus Foundation, Inc. has applied for tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Upon our receipt of a positive Determination Letter from the IRS, The 60 Plus Foundation, Inc. will provide donors with appropriate notification.

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The new will be a unique resource for you on the issues and concerns that impact today's seniors:

Financial Freedom

  • Social Security - when and how to apply, how to preserve it for today's seniors (and soon-to-be seniors) as well as for the rising generation)
  • Medicare
  • Retirement planning
  • Economic security
  • Investments
  • Taxes

Legal Concerns
  • Senior safety
  • Elder abuse
  • Estate planning/Death Tax
  • Grandparents rights
  • Losing control
  • Caregiver issues

Living and Lifestyle
  • Transportation and travel
  • Housing and care facilities
  • Health and health care
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise, activity and sports
  • Leisure

Special Features
  • Polls - We want to know what is important to you.
  • 'This Is What 60 Plus Looks Like' spotlights the active lifestyles of America's seniors and the contributions we make to our communities. Pictured below, 60 Plus Foundation President Jim Martin (age 76) and U.S. Representative Bob Dold (IL-10) play basketball in the annual 'Hoops for Hope' charity tournament, raising money for disadvantaged children. Send your pictures, stories, and links to!

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